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evolveEA is a nimble multidisciplinary practice situated at the intersection of sustainability and the built environment. We help individuals, communities, and organizations take strategic action by situating clients in a larger context of change, strengthening strategic positioning and enabling clients to demonstrate leadership. We look through three lenses of sustainability: People, Process, and Place.
People are central to any sustainability initiative. Their knowledge, beliefs, and actions are a key piece to determining achievable goals and implementation strategies. Actions and intentions can often be as effective as material or technological approaches to sustainability.
Process defines what we do, how we accomplish it and the material and energy flows that are needed. Processes must be viewed over time and with different lenses to understand how they can be efficient and effective on multiple levels.
Places have a dual role — they influence our experience and our understanding of sustainability and they can enable us to implement sustainable practices. Places are often tactile demonstrations of environmental commitment and, at the fundamental level, contain the materials and resources that are at the core of many environmental issues.