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Chris Guignon, LEED AP

Chris has a deep interest in how the built environment informs our understanding of the world and how it shapes our future. His research has focused on sustainability as the fundamental framework for long-term design thinking. Prior to returning to evolveEA in 2013, Chris worked in Moshe Safdie’s Boston office working on a variety of projects, including residential units, mixed use high rises, master planning, and other complex developments. Chris’ commitment to sustainability is infused into his work and while at Safdie he had a research fellowship exploring sustainable and architecturally integrated approaches to car-sharing. Throughout his professional work, Chris has prioritized sensitivity to urban context and user experience, as well as clear communication of the architectural idea. Since joining evolveEA he has completed feasibility studies and reports for organizations such as Grow Pittsburgh and the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, and worked on the design of buildings in the Pittsburgh region such as a food hub and town square to be constructed in the center of Millvale Borough. Outside of the workplace, Chris keeps up on his academic pursuits and illustrations. He has taught design studios at the University of Pittsburgh and Boston Architectural College. He was Managing Editor of Thresholds, MIT Architecture's journal of architecture, art, and media culture, and was an editor on the recently published I Want to be Metropolitan-Boston Case Study (ORO Editions). His architectural comics have been published by the MIT Department of Architecture, and highlighted in Testing to Failure: Design & Research in MIT’s Department of Architecture. Chris is a LEED Accredited Professional; he received his BA in Architectural Studies from the University of Pittsburgh and his MArch from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.