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Phipps’ Center for Sustainable Landscapes Achieves Living Building Challenge Certification
A world leader in sustainable innovation, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has achieved the Living Building Challenge™ for its Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL), a facility that houses groundbreaking sustainability research and science education programs, and serves as a key part of the public garden’s immersive visitor experience. In producing all of its own renewable energy, and treating and reusing all water captured on site, the CSL demonstrates the benefits of humanity living in harmony with nature. evolveEA managed the LEED and Living Building Challenge... 
Posted by admin on March 10, 2015
evolveEA Helps Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes Achieve Highest LEED Platinum Certification
Pittsburgh, PA — The Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL) earned the highest LEED Platinum Certification yet achieved for a new green building. The project systematically demonstrates high performance in site design, water & energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality and material conservation and use. The US Green Building Council granted the project 63 of a possible 69 points under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) version 2 rating system. Only one other new building has achieved this level of green building distinction. The... 
Posted by admin on September 12, 2013
evolveEA Features Phipps Conservatory at UK Green Vision Conference
A real highlight of our July Green Vision conference was hearing from evolveEA, live from the US, describe their work at the recently completed Phipps Conservatory Center for Sustainable Landscapes. The audience in Leeds UK, along with many more tuned in on-line, listened to Christine and Mark Mondor present the inspiring background to the design and construction challenges overcome to address the Living Building Standard. Of particular interest and real 'take-aways'  for the audience was understanding how evolveEA addressed the Standard's more demanding requirements,... 
Posted by Martin Brown on August 05, 2013
New Book About Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes Released at Living Future 2013 unConference
Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is widely considered the ultimate green pride of Pittsburgh. Its Living Building project, the recently opened Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL) has been an opportunity for evolveEA to work alongside other regional and national experts in rising to the challenge of creating one of the world's greenest buildings. This month the International Living Future Institute added to the excitement around the CSL at its "unConference" in Seattle with the release of Building in Bloom: The Making of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes... 
Posted by admin on May 27, 2013
Highlights from Our Annual Review
Posted by Daniel Klein on March 10, 2013
evolveEA Adopts Architecture 2030 Challenge
evolve Among Pittsburgh’s Earliest Adopters In our continuing commitment to sustainability and triple-bottom-line thinking, evolveEA has adopted The 2030 Challenge, an initiative of Architecture 2030. evolveEA uses design, education and facilitation strategies to promote sustainability and address environmental concerns and The 2030 Challenge is another tool for us to help achieve our clients’ increasingly ambitious sustainability goals. evolveEA already has a track record with its contributions to projects and has had a major impact on the greater Pittsburgh region.... 
Posted by admin on October 08, 2012
Building as Organism
Video [1 hour, 34 min]  
Posted by Christine Mondor on September 20, 2012
Living Buildings as Regional Hubs for Sustainable Redevelopment
Imagine buildings that are able to produce all of the energy they need using renewable sources such as wind or solar, that capture and treat all of the water needed for building occupants and systems, eliminating the need for water or sewage treatment infrastructure. Mounting evidence suggests that buildings of the future must look like this to secure a sustainable future. The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is leading the charge by requiring these attributes of projects that are seeking its prominent certification. And as cities and towns transition to green building and... 
Posted by Daniel Klein on June 30, 2012
Phipps Production Greenhouse earns LEED Platinum Certification in the Existing Buildings Category
Thanks to a multi-year effort by a distinguished project team led by evolveEA, Phipps Conservatory's Production Greenhouse has earned LEED EBOM Platinum Certification illustrating the potential for existing buildings to reduce their environmental impact. The certification—USGBC's highest rating—represents the culmination of intense efforts to fully integrate sustainable operations within the organization. The historic campus in Pittsburgh's Schenley park contains some of the most technologically advanced green building systems, tools to monitor them, and comprehensive... 
Posted by admin on June 29, 2012
Deepening the Green at Phipps Conservatory
A truly transformative moment in our region’s history was witnessed by over four hundred people this week. Amid speeches by politicians and funders, the ribbon cutting for the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens’ long-awaited Center for Sustainable Landscapes allowed people to see this impressive building first-hand. Executive Director Richard Piacentini’s vision of the project was formed in 2006 after having heard of the Living Building Challenge, a new conception of sustainable buildings. The LBC sets a standard for a building that will generate more energy... 
Posted by Marc Mondor on May 24, 2012
Winter Gala at Art Institute Features Panel with Marc Mondor
Last week, the Interior Design Student Professional Alliance held their annual Winter Gala at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The event featured a presentation about the Living Building Challenge process at the Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes, led by a panel from the project team. evolveEA's Marc Mondor was accompanied by Chris Minnerly of The Design Alliance architects, Executive Director of Phipps Conservatory Richard Piacentini, and Alan Traugott of CJL Engineering. They covered the Whats Whys and Hows of this unprecedented net zero energy water and waste building... 
Posted by admin on February 23, 2012
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Following the best available environmental practices is part of the mission of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The Conservatory, a regional treasure, has taken a national leadership role in the environmental design of its facilities with the completion of what is likely the most energy efficient greenhouse in the world. evolveEA is working closely with Phipps to extend its visionary efforts by assisting in the greening of existing buildings (including the iconic 1893 glass house) and with the design and construction of the Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes.... 
Posted by admin on November 09, 2009